Are you limiting yourself?

May 18, 2015 - Are you limiting yourself? Have you recently discounted a potential option or direction you could go because you made the assumption that it was not a good one? Have you not considered a suggestion someone has made to you because you simply didn't think it would work or was viable? It is important not be too hasty in jumping to your own conclusion when being presented with options, opportunities or alternatives.  Your greatest power towards reaching your ultimate goals and desires is in being completely open to where various options and paths may lead. If you don't honor yourself by gaining more insight and understanding about each possibility, you may actually be pushing your efforts backwards without even realizing this is what you are doing. Don't allow assumptions to cloud your vision.


Take an MM&I Moment to reconsider options that may have been presented to you over the past week or month that you had dismissed without attempting to better understand or explore further. What were the assumptions you made? What were your reasons you did not consider it to be viable? Were they validated reasons or only supposition? Based on your answers to these questions, are any of these options worth exploring further after all. If so, then proceed to gain insight, clarity, understanding and you may just be pleasantly surprised at where the exploration leads you. 


Synergized Quote of the Week

"We are limited, not by our abilities, but by our vision." - Kahlil Gibran


Yours in synergistic thinking,