Are you hearing, but not listening?

April 27, 2015 - Are you hearing, but not listening? Does the noise of your busy life and work seem to simply blend together without any real resonance? Are you so caught up in your day-to-day activities that you feel you have no time to simply pause or stop and listen to what is occurring around you? Our greatest gift as thinking beings is the ability to decipher what is important and pertinent against what is filler and irrelevant.  The key is to not get so controlled by the demands in your life that you allow them to diminish what is simmering and in need of your attention. You need to capture moments to listen to your heart. Listen to your gut. Listen to your inner voice. And listen to those who matter most in your life. 


Take an MM&I Moment to simply pause from the noise that is yammering for your attention. What is your heart saying that you need to embrace? What is your gut saying that you need to grasp? What is your inner voice telling you that you have been ignoring? What are those you care most about trying to tell you, yet you haven't been listening?  Whether through meditation or pausing for a moment of reflection, your ability to listen to what is really occurring all around will have a direct impact on your ability to truly enjoy and gain satisfaction in your life and in your work. 


Synergized Quote of the Week

"Hearing is one of our body's five senses. But listening is an art." - Frank Tyger


Yours in synergistic thinking,