Are your values driving your action?

June 23, 2014 - Are your values driving your action? Are you hesitating to take action in a particular instance and are uncertain why you feel so hesitant? Chances are it is because one of your values is in conflict? Have you taken action that you regret or now believe was the wrong action to take? Most likely, it is because you did not honor one of your values. Do you have choices to make and are finding it difficult to know which is the best choice for you? Your values and knowing what is most important to you in your life and the way you want to live and work are your greatest sources for making the best decisions for you. Your values are at the core of who you are and how you naturally want to be. By understanding your values, you have even greater potential for living a life that is satisfying, gratifying and thoroughly enjoyed on a daily basis.


Take an MM&I Moment to reflect on your values. What is important to you in how you conduct yourself as a person? What do you believe is the best way to act as a person?  What is important in how you relate and interact with others in your life and at work? What do you expect from others and of yourself? The answers to these questions will help you further define your personal values. Another way to understand your values is to consider what truly annoys you or is a pet peeve of yours. The opposite of these situations is a core value that is important to how you choose to live and be. Now once you have defined a clear set of values, consider the decision you are hesitating to make. Which value is causing you to pause? Consider the choices you need to make. Which choice will honor your values most effectively? Consider the choice that you may now be regretting. Which value or values were not honored and how can knowing your values more intimately help you take the next best action? Your values are a blueprint for you to follow, especially when difficult decisions or essential action needs to be taken. By trusting your values, you are trusting yourself.


Synergized Quote of the Week

"The blueprint for success is inside you." - Larina Kase


Yours in synergistic thinking,