Is the pressure getting to you?

Jan 13, 2014 - Is the pressure getting to you? Do you find yourself saying, "Why am I putting myself through this?" or "I wish I didn't have to do this."  The pressure to achieve, accomplish and deliver according to expectations can be overwhelming at times. When you find yourself questioning or wishing things were different, it is time to consider why you are feeling this way in the first place. Whatever you are striving to achieve should inspire and energize you, not weigh you down and discourage you. When you focus too much on what is not ideal, you lose sight of and miss opportunities to make it ideal.  


Take an MM&I Moment to determine the underlying reasons for your current state of mind. What do you feel you are going through that is not desirable or effective? Is it distracting you from what you really want to be focusing upon? What is it you wish you did not have to do? Is this something you can delegate to someone else so you can better focus on what you really want to do? And most important, is it something that is even necessary at all? Is someone's expectations causing you to feel pressure? If so, how and why? Are your own expectations causing more distraction than progress due to lamenting over a self-imposed missed deadline or delay in progress?  The key to making progress and feeling less pressure is to focus more on what can be done within your control than what you believe is out of your control.  Having the courage to stay focused and determined, regardless of circumstances, is what will make you unstoppable.  


Synergized Quote of the Week

"Courage is grace under pressure." - Ernest Hemingway


Yours in synergistic thinking,