Does tomorrow seem more tangible?

Dec 30, 2013 - Does tomorrow seem more tangible? Do you find yourself thinking, not now, maybe later? If there is something you really want to do or achieve, why wait? If it is something important to you or you are passionate about, there is no better time than now to begin to see it come to reality.  


Take an MM&I Moment to understand why you think you must wait or why you believe that tomorrow holds greater promise. Now list why it would be great to accomplish or to be doing what you really want to be doing now. As you grow inspired by the possibility of it happening sooner, you can also become empowered to take steps towards bringing it into your life sooner, rather than later. Transform your procrastination into progress by embracing the power within you to make things happen. 


Synergized Quote of the Week

"Actions express priorities." - Mahatma Gandhi


Yours in synergistic thinking,