Are your resources limited?

March 25, 2013 -  Are your resources limited? Is your lack of resources limiting what you are trying to accomplish? Or, is it more that you think that your resources are limited?  It may be time to focus on how you can be more resourceful versus limited in your thinking. If you believe you are limited, then you are limited. If you believe there has to be a way to accomplish what you are setting out to accomplish, in spite of anything thrown in your way, you will find a way.


Take an MM&I Moment to list what resources you believe you are lacking. Is it monetary? Is it people support? Is it time? Is it a combination of these issues? Then open up your curiosity to possibilities of where needed resources could come from to help move you forward. Review your list and ask yourself what connections do you have that can provide some of the resources that you could use or could point you in the direction of needed resources?  What relationships do you have with whom you could share your ideas about what you are trying to achieve? Could these individuals share any thoughts and help you determine how you could get the resources needed?  The more you explore possibilities, perspectives, and options, the more likely a resource will literally seem as though it came out of nowhere just when you needed it the most.


Synergized Quote of the Week

"I would rather have a mind opened with wonder than one closed by belief." - Gerry Spence


Yours in synergistic thinking,