Are you communicating or simply telling?

Feb 18, 2013 -  Are you communicating or simply telling? As you strive to achieve your goals and desired outcomes, are you effectively communicating or simply telling people what you think they need to hear in order to help you achieve what you want to achieve? What is the difference between communicating and telling? There is a world of difference. Telling is a one-sided conversation dictating what needs to be done. Communicating opens up both sides of the conversation for you with others through listening to ideas, sharing perspectives, gaining insights and building trust along the way. 


Take an MM&I Moment to determine whether you have been telling or communicating. Have you gained recent insights or ideas from someone because you shared your goals or vision? Have you learned something valuable from someone as a result of listening to their perspective related to what you are trying to achieve? Have you received more support and have others shown more initiative and interest in helping you? Do you feel that you have earned more trust and understanding as a result of what you have communicated to others? If you answered "No" to any of these, then chances are you are merely telling and not communicating. Communicate better and you will be amazed by the resources, support and options that will appear and help you achieve what you desire.


Synergized Quote of the Week 

"The way we communicate with others and with ourselves ultimately determines the quality of our lives." - Anthony Robbins


Yours in synergistic thinking,