Wishing for a miracle?

Oct 22, 2012 – Wishing for a miracle? Do you sometimes feel that it is going to take a miracle for you to accomplish something that you desire to do? Are your day-to-day responsibilities and obligations pushing you further and further away from your ability to take steps towards what you really want to be doing? Or are you feeling limited by time, money, support, resources, options or confidence? The reason you are feeling the way that you do is because you are focusing on all that you believe you can’t do or are unable to do as a result of your current circumstances. The key words here are “you believe” … because whatever you believe is your reality whether you really want it to be or not. So, if what you believe is not what you really want, then it is time to align your thinking in a more positive, productive way.


Take an MM&I Moment to ask yourself why what you want is not making any progress. List anything and everything that appears to be getting in the way. Then next to each item on this list, note one thing you or someone else could do in support of you to counter this challenge and move you forward. Select one action item, then another, and then another. After one small step has been made, add another small step and then before you know it, you are back on track and not only moving toward your desires, but being even more productive in your day-to-day obligations as well. 


Synergized Quote of the Week

“Performing miracles isn't a matter of doing the impossible, it's a matter of redefining the possible.” – Mike Dooley


Yours in synergistic thinking,