Are you delegating effectively?

July 30, 2012 – Are you delegating effectively? Are there numerous things in the works, but they are still “in the works”?  While the first step in getting more done is delegating, if you are merely delegating without an end outcome or goal in sight, then it is no wonder you are not seeing the results you ultimately desire. 


Take an MM&I Moment to list all that you currently have in the works in which you have delegated to someone else to help you complete. Do you need to provide further direction to take it to the next step? Have you clearly defined what you are ultimately hoping to achieve and what your desired outcome would be?  By doing this and sharing with those who are assisting you, you may find that they can help move things forward as a result of a clearer understanding. And before you know it, you will see some completion that makes everyone feel good and know that they are accomplishing some good things too!


Synergized Quote of the Week

“Delegating work works, only if the one delegating works too.” – Robert Half


Yours in synergistic thinking,