Are you empowering your potential?

April 9, 2012 – Are you empowering your potential? Do you intentionally surround yourself with inspiration as a means of assuring that you are inspired on a daily basis? Being surrounded by things that inspire you helps keep your mindset positive. Being surrounded by what is meaningful to you helps keep you focused on what matters most to you. However, if these things don’t propel you into taking inspired action, then you are not effectively empowering your potential to create what you ultimately desire. 


Take an MM&I Moment to look around and note the different ways you help yourself stay inspired. Do you have favorite sayings posted in plain view, family photos displayed, motivational tapes and messages you listen to and read, favorite mementos that remind you of where you ultimately want to be? Now think about your goals, your tasks ahead of you and your day ahead. What “inspired action” comes to mind that you can take to make what you desire more real and more probable. Challenge yourself each day to take inspired action of some kind, no matter how simple of a step or intimidating of a step it might be. Before you know it, everything you do is inspired action, effortlessly getting you where you want to go.


Synergized Quote of the Week

“Energy and persistence conquers all things.” – Benjamin Franklin


Yours in synergistic thinking,