Are you awakening to possibilities?

Oct 10, 2011 – Are you awakening to possibilities? Is it a continuous tapping of the snooze button or a revitalizing stretch as you get ready to take on the day? Is it immediately thinking about all that you have to do wondering how you are going to get it done or is it appreciating and looking forward to the day ahead with purpose and intention?  When it comes to making progress in whatever you are striving to do, the first secret to real accomplishment is how you start each day …. from your mindset to your physical state of being. How are you nourishing your mind, body and spirit with a healthy dose of attitude that sets you off in the right direction?


Take an MM&I Moment each and every morning to shift into high performance gear through taking a few moments to awaken to the possibilities of the day. Sit up and stretch your body into motion symbolically reaching for the stars. Stand up and deeply breathe in the possibilities of the day. Step forward with intention to make the day one of progress and movement toward your dreams. Open your eyes with the vision of your desired reality and how you are making it happen with each step, breath and action you take.


Synergized Quote of the Day

“If every day is an awakening, you will never grow old. You will just keep growing.” – Gail Sheehy


Yours in synergistic thinking,